Revision #2778 (‘Dolon’ & ‘Antenor’)

Due to the extended bank holiday we’ve released the previous two revisions together. As a result there are a few new changes, some of which hint at things to come…

  • The Hub remains a big deal for us; this week we’ve added a ‘Like’ option to all posts. When a post has been liked it shows on the Hub with this icon: Sabisu Like
  • As heavy users can build up a large number of tabs on their Workplace, we’ve added a ‘go to tab’ feature;select the magnifying glass icon,
    Go To Tab iconenter some text like so
    click the tab you want to go to and you’ll be taken there.
  • Sharing a community page now starts the Invite process. This seems a better fit for how users actually use the system than them traversing both the ‘Invite’ and ‘Share’ processes. A more detailed discussion will be posted up at 1530 here.
  • The ‘Invite’ dialog has also been spruced up so it’s easier to invite users outside the platform.
  • The process for editing a community page has also been revised. Clear messaging tells the user where they are in the process.
  • Widget editors now have a ‘Preview’ button which will open the current version widget in the Workplace (dashboard) view. Should save a lot of time.
  • Widget editors can now find the widget they want to work on by searching their available widgets under the ‘Open An Existing Widget’ menu item.
  • We’ve added more data to the Asset Management demo so that you can now view KPIs and data for the whole of the demo site.
  • When a user is part of a community, but not it’s parent, they can now reliably post to that sub-community. This further strengthens the independence of communities, meaning you can invite suppliers/colleagues/partners/customers into communities without fearing they can see anything in the parent community.
  • Various changes have been made to improve database performance. Work continues on this as we continue to scale up.
  • When a shortcut is shared by a user with a community Sabisu will now update the Hub and notify users so as to alert them to the new content.

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