Revision #1958 (‘Mentes’ & ‘Poseidon’)

We’ve been sticking to our weekly release schedule but as the development team focuses on some forthcoming big features, the weekly releases have been a little smaller.

Major changes are as follows:

  • Users can now tag other users and communities in chat and status updates with the universally accepted ‘@’ prefix; start typing ‘@’ and your target user’s name and you’ll get a drop down list of all users you know in the platform with that prefix. Simply choose one and they’ll be added in. As you’d expect, this works with communities too. From these tags users can start an instant chat – we’ll be adding new and exciting ways to use these tags soon.
  • The Hub has been significantly revamped – partly because it was looking a bit tired but mainly because it needed to be in a more flexible format for the new features we’re about to bring in. Now it looks great, is easier to use and is ready to become a key strategic part of the platform.

Minor changes are as follows:

  • User should find the need to clear their browser cache reduced as we’ve slightly modified the way the site is delivered to the browser.
  • We’ve implemented some new widgets to help us manage the platform more effectively – so we can support our customers and triallists more effectively.
  • ┬áThere’s a new white paper up here.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where users could be invited multiple times to the same community.



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