Revision #3189 (“Hermes”) available

This week our focus has been on Builder and general platform changes.

General platform news:

We’ve updated some of the queries that drive Chronos, our time-sheets system, in readiness for extending an offer of beta testing it to customers.

The User Profile has had fields added for Job Title and Areas of Interest. These are simple text fields and we’d invite all users to fill them in so that as Sabisu grows we can help you form communities most appropriate to your business initiatives.

The emails sent from Sabisu to notify users of events such as the successful creation of a community will be revised over the next few weeks, starting today.

An issue where users could not drag a shortcut into a folder has been resolved.

An intermittent and rare issue on Internet Explorer 8 where the platform returned an error during login and Chat activation has been resolved.

Some changes in the way certificates are used to authenticate remote calls have been made as a result of the Sabisu Client beta.

Until this release when a user joins a community for the first time they are presented with a window which displays every community Chat ever carried out. This has now been rectified so that users are presented only with those communications which are relevant.


Significant enhancements have been made to the native charting available in Builder, with  the following now possible:

  • Allowing users to set the colour scheme, further alleviating the configuration load on IT.
  • More chart styles, including a doughnut and a pie.
  • Display of stacked bar, stacked column and area charts.
  • Multiple series on line, bar, column and area charts.
  • Combined chart types, e.g., line & bar on the same chart.
  • Display of value labels on charts (new property in Builder).
  • Display of chart margins (new property in Builder).
  • Set X/Y axis labels (new property in Builder).
  • Set chart title (new property in Builder).

An intermittent error with the widget Validator has been resolved; previously it could return a non-specific network error under certain conditions.

We continue to build out our help capability. The first couple of developer help files is in place at including

  • a guide to the use of $ values in constructing widgets
  • a guide to the construction of and access to our demonstration database

Resolved an issue for developers in Builder where some of the query connection details fail to post back to the Builder from the Query Editor, specifically when you set up your connection and query in Query Weditor, test it, then click OK to post the config back.

Resolved an issue where the list of recently updated widgets in Builder also included those recently deleted, causing issues when users selected these widgets for editing.

Widgets now have a ‘title’ attribute – as small widgets often cut off the full name it’s useful to have a title visible on hover.

Builder has been enhanced to save all sub-components inside a pre-configured expandoblock. This saves having to rebuild these sub-components in each widget that uses the expandoblock.


We’ve revamped the Community option under Your Page & Widget Data. This allows selective resetting of Community Pages as well as quick navigation or editing. It also shows how many users have the page and when it was last updated. Here’s how it looks:

Sabisu Community Pages Sidebar

Charting also takes a step forward with native charts including ‘scooters’. These allow user to see a value for a point in time on the graph – simply click the chart at the point you’re interested in and you’ll get the value detail.

Following customer feedback on the value of multiple versions of a Community Page we’ve concluded that older versions are seldom required and often confuse. Therefore only the latest Community Page will be retrieved under all circumstances.

Various changes have been made to the procedures which get page and widget data for each user to improve performance.

This week you’ll see a new widget in the Widget Store: ‘Stop Watch’. It’s a simple timing application with count up, count down, split times and individual comments functionality.


Nothing on the Hub this week…but watch this space as we do have some great new functionality in the pipeline.

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