Revision #1629 (‘Telemachus’/’Penelope’) available

Back into the old routine this week with a release of two milestones; one covering work from the back end of last year and the other this year.

Major Changes

Today sees Video Chat become available to selected customers as a beta. It’s fully integrated into the platform and easy to use. At the moment it’s one to one only – community video chat is on the way shortly. Also for the time being it requires the fairly ubiquitous Flash Player and an additional port in corporate firewalls to be enabled. Video Chat can be disabled by on-premise administrators.

Minor changes

  • Redesigned some of the back-end processes to deal with per user thread locking more efficiently.
  • Refactored much of the text chat code to be more efficient.
  • Resolved a defect which occurs if a user account is deleted whilst user is logged on.
  • Implemented version control into Widget Editor.
  • Added further platform management capabilities so we can more pro-actively support customers.
  • Resolved an error which resulted from a user deleting all pages and then adding a widget.
  • Resolved a discrepancy where the ‘My Community’ option on the footer bar offered information not available in the Hub.
  • Resolved a defect where tab options drop menu didn’t hide when side bar was opened.
  • Widget Feedback now available in a dedicated widget.
  • Resolved a defect where the widget side bar menu caused a horizontal browser scroll bar to appear – but then disappear when the user went to use it.
  • The ‘Make Page a Community Page’ option now doesn’t include archived communities.
  • Users are now tracked in and out of communities making it easier to re-admit a removed user.
  • Resolved a defect where simultaneous refreshes of widgets and pages causes an error.
  • URLs mentioned in chat now resolve to be a link.
  • If a user has been inactive for a few minutes their availability indicator will go amber.

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