Sabisu 2018: The Digital Workspace

2017 has been another year of exciting platform development, new customer engagements and partnerships. In 2018 we’re building on this momentum with renewed focus, new customer engagements and new staff.

Sabisu is the world’s first and only digital workspace for industrial environments.

Our focus for 2018 is to help you realise your potential by using Sabisu to:

  • Accelerate their operational excellence journey.
  • Accelerate the delivery of large capital projects, redefining 1st quintile project performance.

You can find out more in our introductory white paper.

This underpins our strategy of empowering end users through digitalization.

Interested in finding out more? Drop CEO Tim Sharpe an email.

Pragmatism rules the day at Sabisu. Here’s a sneak peek into 2018 from our technical teams:

Customer Implementation

Sabisu User Groups continue to be successful – we’re loving the engagement as do our customers. Our first for 2018 is February 8th.

Following some great success at foundation customers, we’ll also be taking the Sabisu Roadshows on the road with some training drop in sessions.

These are good examples of our customer focus for 2018; growing those end-to-end, full lifecycle relationships with our customers.

Supporting this are three key streams of activity:

  • Focusing on business analysis and engagement; make sure we’re liaising with the right people, at the the right time, about the right thing
  • Supporting customers with business change; implementation and adoption being key to success
  • Developing Aftercare further; our work is not done when a project is closed

Platform Development

2017 saw the introduction of Sabisu Capture, Sabisu Pipelines being enhanced, added more functionality to and the optimisation of project analytics and reporting capabilities.

2018 will see a renewed focus on accommodating all aspects of workflow to better support your business processes.

Key streams of activity are:

  • Initiating and automating workflows with Sabisu Go
  • Easy configuration of field capture/plant mobile workflows
  • Workflow configuration with particular focus on escalations and alerting
  • Easier integration of workflows involving other applications (e.g., Office 365, Spotfire, PowerBI)


2017 saw us involved in an exciting partnership with CoPro which is working towards improved energy and resource efficiency by better production coordination in the process industries.

In 2018 Sabisu’s R&D focus is the beginning of the process by which Sabisu adds value, so we’re focusing on analytics which initiate decisions and drive resultant workflows.

To do this we’ve split activity into three customer aligned streams:

  • Projects, particularly applying techniques which are unusual in this sector such as deep learning and modelling
  • Operations, with a focus on improved analysis and predicting asset behaviour
  • Pure Research

We’re working closely with 2 PHD students from Manchester University who will be focusing on novel approaches to text mining and time series analysis to inform the R&D themes above.

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