Sabisu Actions meets Android

Our latest deployment is a mobile version of Sabisu Actions available for all Android devices.

You can download it for free from Google Play Store. You’ll now be able to complete Sabisu Actions whenever and wherever you may be, even if you’ve no internet connection. If you complete an Action the update will push to the Sabisu platform as soon as internet connectivity has been restored.

actions in play

Once you’ve installed Sabisu Actions on your mobile device you’ll need to log in with your Sabisu account details. Any action assigned to you or a Community you’re in will appear in the app so you can start completing them as soon as you’re logged in.

Sabisu Actions is also available for installation on Plant Mobile devices such as the Getac z710. Please contact us if you would like to install Sabisu Actions on your intrinsically safe device.


Keep an eye out for the next release of Sabisu Actions which will allow you to create an Action on your mobile device.

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