Reduce your workload with our Sabisu Actions revisions

Sabisu Actions reduce the workload involved in getting work done. They’re integral your processes, so anything that makes creating and managing actions easier reduces overhead for everyone. This week we’ve made the process even more intuitive.

A user can now assign an Action to a Community as well as a specific individual; the Action is owned by the Community, allowing any user in that Community to complete the Action’s assignment on behalf of it. The Action can be seen by users in their ‘All Actions’, ‘My Actions’ and ‘Assigned to Me’ sections in Actions.



You can also give the Community edit access, e.g., if you had a Community for Shift Managers anyone within that community could edit due date, allocations, importance, urgency, description, category and so on.

To avoid confusion we’ve also wording is now standardised, with all Actions being “Completed” before they reach their final status of “Closed”.

Platform Update

You are now able to see Page information for a Community Page, such as who created the page, the Community path, when it was created and who the Administrators are. By clicking on an Administrator’s avatar you can start up a chat to ask them any questions you may have about a page.


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