Sabisu Bridge: Securely connecting your enterprise to the cloud

Last year we released Sabisu Go and Sabisu Bridge to help users easily connect enterprise data to the Sabisu cloud. They support the Sabisu Pipeline which gives end-users total control over their data, enabling them to pull together charts and templated reports easily.

Sabisu Bridge is well named; it’s a bridge between customer data and our cloud data-lake. After a 2 minute installation Bridge will pull data out on a configurable schedule, e.g every minute we get the last 2 minutes worth of data. This gives Bridge enhanced fault tolerance in the instance of connection failure; data is cached and once a connection is re-established the data will be pushed through.

Bridge High Level Overview

Bridge makes it easy to connect to external systems like OSISoft PI or AspenTech IP.21 but any data is in play; it’s also used to connect to SAP, MS Access, Oracle Primavera and others.

Transmission and writing to the cloud data-lake is very quick indeed thanks to a totally distributed, parallel processing architecture; customers are writing 120,000 rows/second of process data with ease.

When Sabisu Bridge has transmitted the data to the cloud it’s available immediately for you to query using the Sabisu Pipeline Self Service Query Generator.

In November last year, we introduced Sabisu Pipeline which gives end-users total control power their data, enabling them to pull together charts and templated reports from historians like IP.21 and OSISoft PI.

bridge pipelines

Bridge can also be used to connect data to an on-premise Unit – it’s an easy and quick way to extract data into Sabisu without traditional IT integration.

Currently you need a Sabisu Developer to set you up with Sabisu Bridge and carry out a few minutes of configuration. Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a revision which eliminates this configuration so that anyone can set up & run Bridge.

Get in touch if you’d like to join our beta user community.


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