Sabisu Capture – rapid user & field data capture

This week we are pleased to announce the arrival of Sabisu Capture.

Sabisu Capture allows you to easily capture data that might usually be entered by hand somewhere; simply create your own fields within a Sabisu Flow process.

Capture is there to ensure compliance and data quality. It’s extremely quick to configure, taking seconds. Anywhere you’re building or maintaining a custom application for data entry, Capture could replace it.

Any data can be captured; process readings, audit, compliance, conformance, manually entered KPIs, etc.

Once a Sabisu Process has been triggered the Actions will be assigned to the appropriate persons/communities so they can complete the Capture fields. The fields auto-save on update so users just need type the value in and they’re done.


It’s very easy to configure – simply choose a low and high limit, units and a default value.

Sabisu Capture will soon be deployed to Mobile so you capture data anywhere, anytime.

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