Sabisu Community Timeline Updates

We’ve been working on some exciting new features and applications for 2016. Our first major release of the year brings a revamp of the Community portal with more integration features.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Community portal it can be accessed via the header as shown below.


Clicking on Open Communities will open the Community portal and you’ll arrive at the directory showing you all the Communities you’re currently part of. Hitting any tile will then take you into the new activity timeline for a specific Community.


So, what’s changed? Quite a lot actually.

  • We’ve simplified much of the page, allowing for a more focused view on what’s going on in your Community.
  • Notes & Actions have been fully integrated into the activity feed, giving you an up-to-date view of everything that’s going on. This includes Notes added to a Community, Community pages and Widgets on those Community pages.
  • For Actions, you’ll see any Actions which are visible to you or the Community, from here you can quickly open up the Action from the activity stream.

If you’re commenting on a Note which has originated from a Page or Widget in the platform, you can reply inline and your message will show up in both the activity stream and on the Page or Widget. It’s unified across the platform so you never miss anything.



Alongside the improvements to the activity stream, we’re now allowing Community Admins to make the streams a permanent fixture on the Workplace. Admins will have a new option in the Community menu to pin a page.



Once pinned, the activity stream for the Community will appear for all Community users on their Workplace, just like a normal Community page.

This brings the Community activity to the attention of all users, encouraging conversations and the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Minor Improvements

  • Added an option in the Builder for Gantt charts to turn data rounding off, meaning that items on the chart will now display on the exact start and end date.
  • Performance improvements for the Community API.

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