Sabisu Conformance Monitoring – a revolution in quality, cost & compliance

If there’s no margin, there’s no business. Sabisu is helping operations everywhere ensure that margins are strong, controlling cost and ensuring low cost of poor quality.

Conformance Monitoring with Sabisu gives you control even in the most complex operations, with non-conformances evaluated and prioritised in real-time.

We’ve implemented emerging best practice using core Sabisu features to bring you an application that improves efficiency, driving down cost per tonne, off-spec product and reprocessing costs.  Of course it’s seamlessly integrated with your enterprise and process systems, including AspenTech IP.21, OSISoft PI, SAP, maintenance systems…in fact just about any other system you may need.

As standard you can take full advantage of our best-in-class analytics suite for ad hoc and root cause analysis, which includes statistical process control, deep learning and behaviour recognition.

You can utilise the Pipeline triggers to automatically log and alert users with Advisories, Events and Notes when certain parameter conditions are met or asset behaviour detected.

Our Conformance Monitoring solution makes it quick and easy to identify sub-optimal process parameters and prioritise them by tangible costs. We think you’re going to love it.

Sabisu Conformance Monitoring consists of the following components, each of which is highly configurable at zero additional cost:

  • Real-time, non-linear capable statistics engine
  • On-demand, embedded trending
  • Ranking engine
  • An analytics tool box designed by our in-house data scientists

Conformance monitoring has been adopted thus far by downstream oil & gas and petrochemicals but it’s an engine for calculating the profit/cost impact of any business KPI.

We can deliver the following capabilities:

  • Defining and calculating KPIs and process variables in real-time
  • Identifying bottom-line impacting opportunities
  • Prioritising the most valuable KPIs.

You can drill down into the individual parameters and apply our analytics enabling you to further interrogate the data and get to the bottom of non-conformances.


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