Sabisu: Constantly optimising your Workplace

At Sabisu we’re always working hard to optimise our platform performance.

We are pleased to announce that widget loading is now so fast that if you blink you may miss it.

With the improvements we’ve made to the overall speed of the platform, you should note a marked improvement in the time it takes to load your page and receive a notification.

With some smart adaptive parallelisation server side, we’ve dealt with the situation where the browser waits for widgets using a large amount of data before it loads others. Widgets where the data flow is lower load straight away but in parallel to those where the data flow is higher. This means you’re seeing data straight away and can dive head first in to the analysis using Widget Working View.

As well as the improvements to platform speed we’ve now added the functionality into Workplace Management to enable you to rearrange the order of your workplaces.


Don’t forget if you want to optimise your Sabisu Platform further you can request your own Dedicated Sabisu Cloud Server. For more information on how this could benefit you head over to our blog post on Sabisu in the Cloud.

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