Sabisu & E D Young Associates announce joint venture partnership

We’re delighted to announce we’re joining forces with world renowned consultancy E D Young Associates in a joint venture to deliver a step-change in capability in the oil & gas downstream sector.

Just as the Sabisu platform is all about collaboration, we’re always excited to form partnerships that allow us to solve new problems or deliver value in new ways. So there’s a healthy buzz around Sabisu HQ at the moment as we announce our first joint venture.

E D Young Associates are a niche consultancy of the highest quality and expertise so we were delighted when they identified the Sabisu’s potential for  mitigating capital project risk and optimizing asset management performance. E D Young Associates have the field experience needed to show how Sabisu delivers a step-change in capability in the following areas;

  • Early visibility of developing issues allows project teams to mitigate the risk of over-runs or increasing total install cost
  • Instant collaboration can quickly resolve conflicts in the supply-chain, transforming it’s efficiency at all levels; EPC, vendor and beyond.
  • Superior control against governance using real-time, authentic data.
  • Developing operational or project issues can be reviewed in the context of accurate, detailed data, improving the quality of decisions taken.

The combination of E D Young Associates’ 40 years operational knowledge in the petro-chemicals, LNG and oil & gas business sectors, and Sabisu’s state of the art web based IT performance management solution will lead to significant competitive advantage for early adopters.

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