Sabisu Flow Treenode Security

Sabisu Flow is really easy to get started with. It’s easy to invite everyone you need into the workflow, regardless of their role or organisation.

With great power comes great responsibility: How can you be sure the right people see only data which is relevant and permissible?

For example Risk Management works really well in Sabisu Flow; risks are consistently recorded and managed by any of your risk management colleagues, with Sabisu Pipelines supporting analysis/reporting. You might not want everyone to see every risk in every status, e.g., third party contractors should only see those relevant to them.

Now you can set up security on each part of the tree hierarchy in Sabisu Flow to restrict users to viewing only data relevant to them.

To set up tree-node security, edit the tree-node and search for the appropriate Community. Only users in that Community will be able to see the Records assigned to that tree-node.

Bonus feature: Icons now an option in Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting options already include changing a cell colour or having a circle indicator – you can now add in an icon from our icon library.


These icons should draw your workflow users attention to those records requiring action or review and gives a clear view of the status.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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