Sabisu Flow Updates

Since it’s introduction Sabisu Flow has quickly become one of the most used parts of the Sabisu Platform. As a result we get a lot of suggestions from Customers for improvements and additional features, each of which is assessed to determine the impact, viability and value to all Sabisu users.

This week we’ve released a few updates to Flow which were suggestions from customers. Here’s what’s new:

Attach other Workflows and Create New Records

We’ve revised how you attach a Flow Record from a separate workflow making it easier to use and configure. You are now also able to create a Flow Record in another workflow, i.e., one workflow can kick off another.

To add in a Flow look up to another workflow you will need to add the option into your Form Configuration, then choose what data you want to lookup and add into your current workflow.

To create a new Flow record in another instance, click the create button in the workflow slide out.

Workflow Sections

We’ve changed how sections work within Sabisu Flow so they can now be laid out using tabs. If you have Creator access to your workflow, you can choose vertical or horizontal tabs, or the default view. Creators can change this is in the Form Settings area of the Form Configuration screen.

Note that sections still print as though they were on the one page.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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