Sabisu Go: 3 uses of MS Excel integration in oil & gas/petrochems

Sabisu are pleased to announce the public release of the hotly anticipated Sabisu GO. In March we released the beta version of Sabisu GO and we are pleased to now make it available for all.

GO is a lightweight client which allows you to quickly publish data to Sabisu from MS Excel or ODBC data sources. Your data is no longer trapped in MS Excel, or buried in an email. With the click of button your data can be pushed out to anyone in your chosen community.

GO underpins many of our initial customer engagements;

  • Gathering project summary data for portfolio reporting & analytics
  • Rapidly on-boarding any users currently reliant on MS Excel for reporting
  • Process data reporting using MS Excel as an interim step for reporting OSISoft PI or AspenTech IP.21 data

Once GO has grabbed your data, Sabisu will build calculations, reports and dashboards automatically.

To download Sabisu Go navigate to  and follow our simple steps to install it on your PC. Once you’re logged in you can immediately begin publishing. If you’d like a live demo or support while installing please get in touch.

To publish your data open MS Excel and select the range you wish to publish. Right click the range hit, share and then just inform Sabisu Go where you’d like the data to go.


Using the Sabisu Go Publication view you can see the publication status and view all publications that have been published to communities you are in. You can edit it from there without having to navigate to MS Excel first and there’s a Timeline tab which shows all current activity within your Communities – handy for checking no one has published the same data before you hit share.


You can also publish images using Sabisu Go just make sure you click the image button rather than the default data button.


Once you’ve published your files just navigate to Sabisu and add your files to your chosen page and community.


If you’ve found this news exciting there’s more to come; we’re currently working on the ability to publish data to and from different formats such as PowerPoint and Word so watch this space.

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