Sabisu Go meets PowerPoint

Following a demonstration at our User Group where we used Sabisu to create reports based on MS Excel it became clear that there was another popular process; taking data out of Sabisu into PowerPoint.

We believe that Sabisu is a great presentation tool itself. Many of our customers use it to navigate through data where they might once have used PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is useful in other ways and contexts, so we’re really pleased to say that you can now pull Go publications to Sabisu into your PowerPoint Slide Show.

Data in PowerPoint will have the same layout as it does in Sabisu. You’ll first need to enable Sabisu Go to connect to PowerPoint by selecting it from the Sabisu Go Modules List:

Once it’s installed you’re ready to begin creating your slides, click on Add Ins and select Sabisu Go to locate your publications:

We’re currently working on the ability to add any widget from Sabisu into PowerPoint not just data you’ve published using Go, so keep an eye out for the next release.

If you have excellent ideas like this then it’s well worth while attending our User Groups. Click here to book your place on the next User Group in August.

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