Sabisu Go – Notes & Minutes

This week we’ve released a beta version of Sabisu Go which you can download here.

The beta version includes the first release of “Notes & Minutes” – a new feature for Sabisu Go.

We realised that users were capturing notes or actions in MS Word during meetings, then transferring them manually to Sabisu later. This is exactly the manual handling we want to eliminate.

The “Notes & Minutes” feature allows you to quickly capture commentary or actions using a simple table built into Sabisu Go, so it works off-line too.

It’s designed to look and feel a bit like the existing ‘minutes of meeting’ documents you might currently use.

Simply capture your notes then allocate them to a Workplace & Page in Sabisu later.

You simply type out your note then click “Attach” to get the list of Workplaces and Pages to which you can attach the note.

You can only attach notes to a Community page.

As this is the first release if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement then please email us and let us know your thoughts.

In future releases we’re looking into the following capabilities:

  • Combining Sabisu Notes with existing Narrative widgets
  • Assign a Note from Go to a KPI
  • Exporting Notes
  • Create an Action from Sabisu Go


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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