Sabisu Go updates for Word & PowerPoint

We know how popular the capturing notes, narrative and commentary in Sabisu is and how many of you need to pull this unstructured, soft data into MS Office from Sabisu.

This is now easier than ever with a dedicated narrative widget that is compatible with Sabisu Go. This means you can get your commentary straight into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation, meaning you never need to copy/paste again.

The object in your Office document will update to show the comments that are showing in Sabisu, so if you have the April’s commentary selected in Sabisu it will show you the April comments in Powerpoint via Sabisu Go.

When you resize the widget and hit update, it will render the data within it appropriately so it is readable.

Sabisu Tables

When you add a Sabisu Table to Powerpoint or Word using Sabisu Go it will now create a table which allows you to modify it, e.g., change the data, font, size, shading, highlights. You can reset the data by updating it…but the formatting changes you’ve made will be saved.

This means your formal reports can be directly fed and updated by a trustworthy, approved data source but will look appropriate to the formal nature of the document you’re creating.

Need to update your formal documentation? One click will do it.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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