Sabisu Header & Notifications Release

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on revamping the way we drive Notifications to users on the platform and increasing visibility of anything that’s going on whether you’re on or offline.


Notifications are so closely linked with Communities we’ve now moved everything together in the header, replacing the existing icon and making it more obvious when you have items awaiting your attention.


The interface has been updated, alongside several performance improvements to make things smoother when actioning any Notifications you have waiting for you. This is also now the new way to access our new Community Portal; simply click Open Communities at the bottom of the dropdown.

Notifications (…for Actions)

New for the this update is the introduction of Sabisu Actions related Notifications. Along with this, Actions can now be opened in the Workplace from the menu at the bottom of the dropdown.

With the increased integration with platform applications we felt it important that Actions gets a more exposure, allowing you to see any updates occurring with work you’re a part of or have assigned to any users to complete.


Clicking on an item will take you directly to the corresponding information within the Action.

Community Events

Last week we quietly released Community Events into the Community Portal so you can highlight important past and future dates.


We’ve now improved the roll-back functionality in the header to include the information for any Community Events. You can use the roll-back with the new Events to highlight important dates and see how your data looked like at that particular time.


Events are marked on the calendar with the small blue circle above the date. Clicking on the given date will give additional information about that event and give you the option to roll-back the Workplace to that point in time.

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