Sabisu & Jidoka Updates r9186

Jidoka gets some more improvements this week, along with charting improvements and responsive tabs in Sabisu.

Image Previews in Jidoka Notes

Continuing on from last weeks release of Notes in Jidoka, we’ve added the ability for full-screen previews of any images attached to a Note in Jidoka.


Clicking the image thumbnail on the Note item brings up the full screen view of the attached images.

Chart Updates

The pareto chart can now show and hide the cumulative improvement opportunity as a percentage overlaid on top of the pareto.


We’ve also delivered optimisation of the in-line trends in Jidoka in order to increase performance and scalability. Previously we were using Google Charts to provide the data, although they were great for interaction they relied too heavily on good browser client performance for larger datasets. We’ve added new Microsoft Charting controls to Jidoka to render our improved charts on the server and provide them as an image to improve performance. We feel Google Charts have much to offer – they’re taking a short break and we’ll introduce an interactive toggle in a forthcoming release. For now, enjoy the speed!

Our continued support for Google Charts is demonstrated by our implementation of support for the following new chart features:

  • Tooltip
  • Annotations
  • Interval
  • Certainty
  • Emphasis
  • Scope

These features can only be utilised by y-axis data except Annotations which can also be utilised with the x-axis. These features are linked to column names supplied from a data source. The roles are applied to the domain/data to the left of the column.


For example, in the above, Year is the domain and Male & Female are data. Tooltip is applied to Male and Tooltip1 and Certainty applied to Female.

Finally, we’ve added the ability to feature HTML in the tooltips for Google Charts, giving you more flexibility to add richer content to the charts.

Responsive Tabs in Sabisu

We’ve updated the Tab bar for Sabisu to handle multiple environments where lower resolutions are present. The update also means for those with larger monitors and numerous tabs, it will adjust to fit the space you have available, where previously it would be restricted to a fixed size.



The tab actions now all appear to the right hand side of the tab bar.

Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements

  • Fixed an issue affecting older calculations where the styling of the calculation meant it displayed incorrectly in the Calc Editor.
  • All fonts in Google Charts should now be consistent.
  • Updated the arrow icons in the Silent Alarms widget.
  • Fonts on the Speedo widget now display correctly in IE8.
  • Fixed an issue in the Notes widget which caused text to be displayed incorrectly when applying bold to it.
  • Web service calls made from the platform can now impersonate the correct active directory user.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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