Sabisu & Jidoka Updates

This week we’ve worked on a number of performance improvements and we’re happy to introduce a new search feature in Jidoka.

Jidoka Search

We’ve introduced search into Jidoka this week – the number one feature customer feature request over the last few months.

Search is available in the header and can be used to quickly search for parameters without taking into account the currently selected node or filters you might have applied.


The search can also be used to look for parts of descriptions of tags which are used in calculations. This is particularly useful if the user knows or suspects that a tag will indicate the source of an issue; simply type in whatever you know of the tag and it’ll find it.

New Jidoka Features

Fixed Parameter Headers

The table headers for the Parameter list now maintain their position when scrolling on the page. We’ll be looking to add this feature to our widgets in Sabisu very soon.

Go to Treenode

We’ve added a new item in the Parameter menu which allows you to navigate directly to the area of the treeview which the Parameter belongs to.

Notes Editing

System admins and authors now have the ability to edit notes attached to Parameters via the note menu.

Dependency Map Updates

The dependency map has had a number of updates this week.

  • Users can now move individual nodes around if a Parameter has a lot of dependencies.
  • The currently selected parameter is displayed as a square on the map instead of a circle.
  • External tags related to the Parameter can now be interrogated, with Jidoka pulling out the available information when you hover over a tag label.
  • A legend fully explaining the dependency map is now included.

Negative PONC

There is a new option available in the Parameter Editor which allows you to define if you want to see a negative PONC value. This is introduced as a time-saver for calculations rather than having to type out a large case statement to achieve the same result.

Minor Updates

  • Indexing has been improved for Shika to further improve the performance for seeking records.
  • Resolved an issue where the inline feedback was giving incorrect parameter names when copying between tree nodes.
  • Fixed an issue regarding switched off parameters still being displayed as PINP (In Play). If they are off then you can’t affect them so they are now filtered away.
  • The Editor has been updated to alter the save text appropriately depending on whether you’re editing an existing parameter or creating a new one.
  • Updated the front end if users are using the system starting fresh.

Sabisu Updates

  • Users will no longer see ‘ghost’ widgets when copying a widget to a new page.
  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause the tab scrolling to disappear when moving tabs.
  • Notifications have been optimised in the platform which will results in quicker load times and actioning of Notifications.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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