Introducing the new look Sabisu

Introducing the new look Sabisu

As soon as you log in to Sabisu you’ll see we’ve made some updates to the user interface to simplify it and give you more space for your reports.

The new design is heavily influenced by statistics gathered from your use of the platform so we’re confident you’ll still be able to easily find everything you need.

When you login you’ll get a quick walk-through which will take you through the changes. Here’s a quick summary.


The first thing you’ll notice is we’ve taken out the left hand side vertical bar and moved everything you need into the header bar at the top of the screen. We’ve done this to give you a bit more space so you fit more of your data on the page.


You’ll also notice we’ve taken the text away from the notification areas and replaced these with icons to give it a sleeker appearance.


You may be wondering where your workplaces have gone; instead of showing the Workplace name twice on the page (main title & selector), we’ve combined Workplace Management with the Workplace title.

Just click the drop down icon to the left of the title and you’ll get to the Workplace selection screen.

We’ve combined Workplace selection with Workplace management, so you can click to go to a Workplace, or you can hover over a Workplace to edit, delete or move it.


If you have any questions or would like some more in depth Sabisu training please get in touch.

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