Sabisu Pipeline Pivots, do things Excel can’t!

Pivoting data is a really useful capability, allowing you to group data into useful categories. In Sabisu you know that you can add a custom column directly to the pivoted data – something which is tricky, if not impossible in MS Excel without introducing additional calculations and sheets.

In the example below we have published project hours for the past two years, using a pivot to group the data with custom columns added work out the total amount of hours, converting this to days with a calculated cost. We opted to create a table for this data but you can use any of the chart or template options that best suit your data.


Some other exciting updates

  • You can now find Pipeline Widgets in the Widget Store meaning you can make your Pipelines available to appropriate users for them to build into any Page they please.
  • We’ve enabled compression for various calls in the Sabisu platform which will significantly reduce the amount of data transferred to users.
  • When you delete a Go Publication it will now also delete the associated Widget from the Sabisu Platform too.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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