Sabisu Planned Downtime – Monday 10/10/16

We’ve got to take the servers off-line on Monday to do some upgrades and maintenance and generally make everything better.

What time is it?

We’re planning that there’ll be a loss of service from 2100 UK / 2000 GMT / 1600 ET&CT for about 3 hours.

This is a highly unusual event for Sabisu – the first planned downtime for 3 years.

What services will be affected?

Everything will be affected during the maintenance period. Some users may continue to use Sabisu unaffected for a while but at some point in that time period you should expect a loss of service.

Note that Sabisu Bridge will continue to function, picking up automatically where it left off so that any data streaming to Sabisu Cloud will show no interruption.

Sabisu Appliances and on-premise Units will become inactive for a period but will then reactivate automatically.


We’re moving our key servers to a new cloud infrastructure.

This isn’t something we do lightly. There are many benefits:

  • Improved resilience in terms of load balancing, failover and redundancy.
  • Elimination of planned downtime – although rare, there’ll be no more planned outages.
  • The other benefits include lower network latency – so better performance for every user.
  • Elastic compute and storage as standard – ideal for carrying out analytics on large datasets.
  • Direct connection to Sabisu Cloud mass storage capability so that very large datasets can be persisted.
  • Easy provisioning of regional Sabisu Units to reduce network latency for all users.

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