Sabisu Project Analytics: Automatic schedule task ordering using risk profiles

Recently we’ve been telling customers about our project schedule analytics, which is already in use on some innovative megaprojects and large capital projects with significant engineering challenges.

A really nice value-add feature we’ve been able to add is automatic task ordering – a valuable thing to have if you’re working on a plan with many thousands of tasks.

With such plans it’s not always easy to sequence the tasks optimally and it’s impossible to get an objective assessment of how well sequenced tasks are.

Also, it’s hard to judge the efficiency or risk profile of a plan provided by a third party.

Sabisu analytics can help.

Sabisu will now automatically sequence tasks according to connectivity and risk profile. It front loads tasks with the highest risk level to create the most resilient plan it can, minimising the risk of schedule over run later in the project life cycle.

Sabisu recommends when the task should be started and in which order.


Clearly this can only be an aid for an experienced scheduler. Indeed, the modification of the plan is left to the scheduler so they can bring their knowledge to bear and ensure that the plan is workable.

We think this is another powerful addition to Sabisu Project Analytics. Look out for more soon.

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