Sabisu Publisher Updates

We’ve had a week focused on making updates to Sabisu Publisher and the Excel Add-in which improve the workflow of getting your Publications onto Sabisu.

Workbook Defaults

One of the big things we noticed when users were using the add-in was the amount of individual Publications that were generated from a single spreadsheet. We’ve made some improvements to the interface which make it easier to configure Publications by setting defaults for each Excel workbook.


Each Publication from this spreadsheet will inherit these defaults which should make producing multiple Publications a lot quicker. If you start up the Add-in on an existing spreadsheet, you’ll be asked to create defaults – doing so won’t overwrite any of the existing Publication settings you’ve configured in the past.

If you want to change the defaults at any time, the Workbook defaults screen can be accessed from the File Menu in the Excel Add-in.

Publication Shortcut

Creating a new Publication is now as easy as a right-click. After you’ve selected the range you want to publish in Sabisu, you can right-click and select the new context menu item instead of accessing the Publication add-in from the top of Excel.


Widget Publication Information

We’ve improved the information in the platform about the widget Publication you’re looking at on your dashboard. Widgets which contain a Publication have a menu option called ‘Publication history‘.


The information gives details on the excel document, the selected ranged of the Publication, the tags associated with that Publication and the date that it was last published to Sabisu.

Making Sure You Get The New Version

When you start up Publisher it’ll will prompt you to download the new version. If you don’t see this prompt then try restarting Publisher (right click the system tray icon, then ‘Quit’, then restart it from your Start/All Programs/Startup).

Sabisu Publisher - prompt with new version

At the end of the install process you can check you have the latest version by right clicking the system tray icon and choosing ‘About’. The current versions are as follows:

Sabisu Publisher - v1_5 About

Minor Updates

  •  In the latest release we’ve removed various files which supported direct access to Oracle databases. This makes our installation download a svelte, quick to download 5MB. A tailored install is available if Oracle support is required.
  • Added multiple hint modes for various inputs on the Publication form to assist in explaining some of the features to new users of the Publisher.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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