Sabisu Release Summary (r13476)

Sabisu Dashboard Roll back

This week we’ve started to use the great historisation and versioning built into Sabisu over the last couple of years; we’ve added new functionality which allows users to perform a dashboard roll back for any widgets which have a version attached to them (such as Sabisu Publications).

This roll back feature allows you to go back to any previous point in time to see what your data looked like. Over the coming weeks we’ll allow other widget formats to take advantage of this feature.





Customisable headers are now available in the Gantt component giving more control on how you represent your data in the widget.


  • We’ve added a “quick close” function to the main page of Actions, allowing you to close off an Action without going into the full view of it.
  • You can now print Actions; we’ve added a new button on the home screen which will print a list of the actions you currently have visible using your current filters.
  • Actions can now be re-opened once complete. Of course this is audited and added into the comment trail of the Action.
  • Fixed a small bug in an Action where raw HTML could be inserted into the summary of an Action.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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