Sabisu Release: Timeline Buckets

This week we’re excited to share some new additions to the Timeline functionality in Sabisu.

The Timeline now helps you decide which updates you need to see, or need to take action on.

Timeline Buckets

On entering the Workplace Timeline or the Community Portal, you’ll notice we’ve added some new items on the left hand side. These are our new Timeline Buckets, which sort updates into handy categories so you can quickly see what’s new.

Using these simple filters you can view what’s important to you and navigate to it directly, e.g., Actions you’re due to complete, or alerts notifying you of anomalous process behaviour.


Clicking on any individual Bucket will give you a breakdown of the latest updates and changes. Let’s look at each Bucket and what you can expect to see.



Sabisu collects all your data updates in the Data bucket. You’ll see notifications of widget updates and updates to Sabisu Go publications.



analyticsThis bucket shows what your data is telling you, such as:

  • Anomalies detected
  • KPIs which have breached their limits
  • Automatic escalations from systems such as Jidoka


distributionDistribution will let you know of any Community updates or commitments.
You’ll also see updates to Actions that are visible to your Communities.


actionDriven predominantly from Actions within Sabisu, you’ll see anything you’ve been assigned and is due for completion in the upcoming week. Any Actions which are overdue for completion will also be available here.


changeAggregates recommended or completed changes, e.g.,:

  • Advisories generated by Sabisu
  • Changes to rules or calculations in Jidoka
  • Manual escalations

Interacting with your updates

One of the major new features which comes as part of the buckets is allowing you to interact with any of these updates and navigate to where it’s happening. For example, you might have an Action to view, you can click through to view the full detail in the Actions system. Likewise clicking on Widget updates will take you across into your Workplace to view that particular Widget.

What about Notes?

You’ll know all about Notes: they’re truly multi-purpose, with users leaving Notes against widgets, data points in a graph, parameters/KPIs, Community pages or against Communities themselves.

Therefore Notes appear in the timeline but not under any specific bucket. They’re also directly accessible through the header bar ‘Notes’ item.

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