Sabisu search is now faster and more accurate (r6558)

This week we’re excited to announce a major improvement to search across Sabisu. We’ve made searching for people, Communities & Widgets even faster and more accurate so you get the results you want.


This improvement also makes adding people to Actions, Chat conversations and posts in the Hub even quicker and easier.



  • The Premise Administration Console has been upgraded to manage security and event collection from the On-Premise server directly. This gives you improved performance throughout the entire Console. We’ve also improved the User-Interface to ensure the Console matches the rest of Sabisu.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with applying a custom class to a Publication Widget which intermittently threw an error.
  • The efficiency and speed of retrieving users in your Communities has been improved.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with resizing Widgets when your browser is zoomed in or out.
  • We’ve reinstated the “Show Files” option in the Hub so when you now upload a file and choose to share it, a post with the file will be shown in the Hub.
  • Related files now shows the most recent files that have been uploaded correctly.

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