Sabisu solutions get even more elegant with Frameless Widgets (r6925)

This week we’ve introduced some new features to make your solutions even more elegant.

Firstly, Widgets can now be frameless; the Widget content will display without frames or titles – ideal for TV displays or anywhere you need a  ‘static’ page where the emphasis is on data rather than collaboration. With less clutter you can provide richer dashboards of information through Sabisu.
Sabisu Frameless widgets example

Hovering over the widget content with your mouse will bring back the frame and all the functionality for collaboration. Widgets can be made frameless through a setting in the Widget Properties menu in the Builder.

To help Widget Creators we’ve also added a new feature which will display a ‘dev’ icon in the widget title if the widget is in testing. This makes it much easier to distinguish between which widgets are in testing and which widgets are currently tested (live) when they are displayed on a dashboard.


We’ve also reworked the ‘maximise’ facility on Widgets; the maximised Widget will now follow any size changes to the browser window. A few improvements to how widgets maximise and how they behave when maximised have also been made.

Our latest release also allows users with older trend charts to migrate those charts to the newer chart format without changing the data that is returned in any way. To fill a chart using the Tag format, the data can either be in the format of (TAG | X | Y) or you can provide the column names to be used, allowing “Colour” and “Width” to be ignored in older queries.

As well as all this new functionality, a number of issues have been resolved:

  • When an invalid height or width is given for a widget, rather than throwing an error the widget will now be created with default properties.

  • When leaving a community, community pages owned by that community should be removed without requiring a refresh.

  • Revoking External Access in your Profile Settings will now correctly redirect you after revoking access.

  • We’ve resolved an issue with line charts where providing a resultset with NULL values for data points would result in the chart drawing a line at value 0. After this release NULL values are catered for and the line will end where it encounters a NULL value.

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