Sabisu Solutions Store: Giving you the power

Do you have data that needs to be analysed and interrogated quickly? Do you spend half your working day compiling tags from complex historians in an effort to get the information you need. Perhaps you’re running a large portfolio of projects and need an easy way to view your costs.

Sabisu Solutions Store is there so you can quickly build out entire solutions in seconds. All you need to know is what data you want to show.

Sabisu Solutions give you the power to quickly set up dashboards compiling your data into easy to interrogate widgets. These can be shared automatically during the set up process so there will be no need for you to send endless emails with Excel and Powerpoint attachments. Your entire team can view the live data in one place.

New Solutions are going into the store all the time. Example solutions might include:


For this blog post we have chosen to demonstrate “Energy Management with Overview”.

There are 3 simple steps to set up the dashboard

  1. General
    Name your solution so that Sabisu can create your new Workplace and Community.
  2. File Upload
    Use the template provided to enter all the information required to put your dashboard together. Each template is specific to the solution chosen but you’ll always be asked to name your pages and sub pages, allocate users and identify the location from which to extract your data, e.g., source tags, fields or documents.
  3.  Finish and Deploy
    Depending on the amount of data required your Workplace will take a few minutes to build. Depending on the solution configuration you may have many pages, each with many widgets, but all full of relevant data and calculations using the tags or source data fields you chose.
    You can review, share the pages, invite people to your new Community or perhaps begin analysing your data using Widget Working View.


It’s never been easier to analyse your data than using Sabisu’s Solutions Store, but you could make it even more efficient by getting a dedicated Sabisu Cloud Server. Get in touch for more information or a live demo at a time convenient for you.

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