Sabisu TV on the Raspberry Pi

Thought we’d do a quick update seeing as this is our Month of Content on getting the Raspberry Pi up and running.

Sabisu TV on Raspberry Pi

We put BerryBoot onto the SDHC card using a Mac, then simply put it into the Pi and booted it up. We went for the standard Debian OS build and Midori browser, though we’d really like to see Chromium on it when it’s out of beta. The only hold-up was forgetting to enable the graphical desktop interface – just a really obvious option we didn’t choose at the time.

All in all it took about 30 mins. It was joyfully simple and it’s now running Sabisu on one of our monitors – exactly as our customers are running Sabisu TV, but on a solid state device that costs about £35.

Here it is in action:

Sabisu TV in action

We’re now thinking of a couple of interesting experiments off the back of this. We may try other ‘credit card PCs’ as inexpensive clients and it has occurred to us that we could run a full Sabisu On-Premise on a very inexpensive, small form-factor hardware platform.


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