Sabisu Updates: Jidoka, Publisher & Sabisu Search


We’ve added further improvements to Jidoka with the introduction of PONC Analyser mode. The PONC Analyser mode allows you to track non-conformance costs over specified periods of time. Turning the Analyser mode on is done through the treeview menu.


When active, the page adjust to a new view, giving you a default time of the last 12 hours with a breakdown of the PONC and a percentage of that time that each process variable has been out of conformance. The filters at the top allow you redefine the date ranges you want to look at.


Sabisu Publisher

Protected Workbooks & Worksheets

Sabisu Publisher now automatically detects if a Workbook or Worksheet is protected. If the Publisher can’t unlock the items for publishing this error is now properly displayed in Sabisu Publisher so you can re-publish manually.

Cell Comments

We’ve introduced Excel comments into the publications within widgets in the platform, giving even greater detail when publishing your Excel documents to Sabisu.

You don’t have to do anything to get this functionality working either, Sabisu picks them up automatically and publishes them to the widgets.


Comments are indicated by a blue arrow in the top right corner of the cell, hovering over the arrow gives you the comment in a small tool-tip.

Sabisu Search

Search now supports impersonating a user for internal and external requests separately. This means you now have the ability to impersonate a user for internal requests (such as access to your data historian) but allow external requests (such as access to the Sabisu API) to be made under the default account.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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