Sabisu Updates: New Community Portal (r15964)

It’s been a busy few weeks at Sabisu preparing our first release of the new Community portal. The first iteration paves the way for many improvements for Communities and their Admins as well as some exciting updates for developers with new additions to the Community API.

Community Directory


(This has prompted much discussion about the use of ‘Administrate’ vs ‘Administer’. We think the latter is better for various grammatical reasons and will be changing this imminently!)

You’ll notice a new button available on the Workplace V-Bar, clicking here will open up your Community directory.


Let’s break down the new directory for you.

  1. Search for Communities.
    If you’re a member of many Communities you can narrow your list by searching for a specific Community. Alongside this, searching will also provide a separate section at the bottom where you can see Communities you’re not currently part of but might be interested in based on your search.
  2. Create Community.
    Build yourself a new Community on Sabisu, where you’ll be able to use the new enhancements around customising your community (more on this later).
  3. Close Community Portal.
    Closes the Community Portal and puts you back in the Sabisu Workplace.
  4. Communities you administer.
    A grouped list of all the Communities you’re an Administrator for. A notification count appears on a Community when you have outstanding actions to complete for that Community.
  5. Communities you’ve joined.
    A grouped list of all the Communities you’re part of but don’t have any administration rights for.

The Community lists show your top 6 Communities and you can click the More button below each to see everything.

Community Page

As well as a general refresh to existing features for Communities, we’ve also added some new things to the Community’s activity page.

The top of the page now has information about the Community along with the logo. Below this are a number of tabs splitting out various sections of the page.



This is a stream of Community updates and is an exciting addition related to the new API, which will mean developers will now be able to post from 3rd-party applications to the stream. We’ll be releasing a separate blog post in the coming weeks to explain this new functionality available to developers.


Notes is a new area we’ve introduced where you can post comments & files which have more significance than perhaps a passing event or notification in the Activity Stream.


Lists everyone involved with a particular Community. Admins will be able to assign permissions and remove users from here in what is a much improved interface than was available before.


A full list of the Community Pages which are available for the Community. From here you’ll be able to manage which are shown on your dashboard and re-add them to your Workplace if you’ve removed them and need access again.


This section gives a breakdown is any admin requests which are awaiting you to complete such as Invitation requests for Protected or Private communities.


Community actions: Invite / Create / Edit / Leave are now accessed through the cog icon on the right hand side of the page.


On the left hand side, the back button returns you to the main Community directory.

Enhanced Customisation

You’ll notice that in the directory, all Communities have an assigned letter or icon. The letters are defaulted when creating a new community, but you can now assign a specific icon when creating a new Community or when editing an existing one.

We’ve deliberately limited the icon choice so your Community list is easy to navigate but there’s sufficient choice for you to decide on an icon which is suitable for the Community’s purpose.
As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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