Sabisu Updates: Widget Store, Widget Store API & Icon fonts (r15779)

We’ve introduced a fresh face to the Sabisu Widget Store this week along with a host of API improvements for the future. Alongside this there have been various performance improvements and some new additions to Builder functionality.

Widget Store

You might have noticed the Widget Store looking a little different this week. We’ve refreshed the interface so it’s cleaner and easier to find the widget you’re after.

As well as the visual improvements there have been a number of back end improvements to improve the speed and responsiveness of the search and loading in of your widgets.

Here’s the opening page, showing your all the Widget Categories:


Here’s what you see when you drill down to see each Widget:


(Notice the ‘badges’ which are unchanged; these Widgets are all ‘invisible’ to end-users, but because the logged in user has Widget Author permissions they’re visible.)

The new Widget Store also boasts a new dedicated API for handling Widget interactions, we’ll be releasing more information about this for developers in the coming weeks on the Wiki.

Widget Builder

We’ve introduced classes to the Button component in the Builder and are providing a preset-list of available classes for use for improved presentation in widgets.

Widget developers can use the following class combinations in the new class field to overwrite the browser default styles (“button button–red”).


We also have plans to introduce various icon options in the coming months to give more flexibility to how you’re building your widgets.


  • A number of performance improvements have been made to platform startup as part of our on-going strategy to keep improving the platform speed.
  • Icons across the platform have been replaced – though not so as you’d notice. We’ve moved to using ‘icon fonts’ because they’re faster, scale better and are easier to control through CSS.
  • Icon fonts will be made available soon to Widget Authors (developers) for use in Widgets to give a consistent and high quality UX across the platform.

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