Sabisu User Group: You lead, we will follow

Last Wednesday saw us hosting the first of our 2017 User Groups. We’re always eager to hear customer feedback first hand – whether positive or negative, it’s the fastest way to improve our product & delivery.

We started by setting the scene, giving an overview of some of the work the Customer Implementation team has been delivering. This allows users to see common threads and best practice emerging across multiple deployments.

Attendees were then invited to share their main interactions with the Sabisu platform, with customers leading the discussions. This was rewarding for all, sparking interesting discussions amongst our different customers with some arranging further meetings amongst themselves to review specific uses or unique functionality built for them in the Sabisu platform.

Coffee and cake is always welcome, so after a break we re-grouped and discussed how we could improve the platform. Again, this is led largely by customers, with the main areas for platform improvement:

  • Platform search functionality
  • Expansion on the Sabisu Go Excel publication functionality
  • Better visibility on training material

This wrapped up the User Group, to positive feedback from all attendees.

Following the User Group all the improvement suggestions were reviewed by the Sabisy team.

We’re happy to report that search and publication improvements are already in our pipeline for 2017 so it’s great to know what we have planned for the platform meets with our customers needs. We’ve resourced in some time to improve access to our Wiki and we’ll be enriching our How To videos to ensure our customers get the most out of Sabisu. We’ll also be identifying beta users for key functionality.

What did we get from the day?

  • Face to face feedback from our key customers
  • A better insight into how our customers use the platform
  • Improvement ideas
  • Product ideas

What did our customers get from the day?

  • Got to know the Sabisu team
  • Were able to feedback on pain points
  • Were able to drive platform development to suit their needs
  • An insight into how other customers use the platform
  • First hand look at new and upcoming platform features

“Understanding our customers’ needs is essential, driving our research and inspiring innovative, useful products.”
Tim Sharpe


If you’d like to take part or want some more information please get in touch. Web conference attendees are welcome.

11th May 2017 9am-12pm, Wilton Centre, Redcar, TS10 4RF.

Light refreshments are provided (cake)!

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