Sabisu Workplace Management

This week we are pleased to present the eagerly anticipated Workplace Management. You now have the ability to rename and delete existing Workplaces. This will enable you to organise your Workplaces more efficiently and optimise the use of your current pages. See the handy video below to see how you can delete and rename Workplaces.

Workplace Management 3

Sabisu Workplaces are a great way of organising lots of related Tabs into one place, e.g., all pages relating to a particular project or process. You will no longer need to scroll through numerous Tabs trying to find the ones you need.

Sabisu Workplace is simply one place for all related data to be aggregated. As always in Sabisu it’s data-oriented, prioritising situational awareness through analytics and visualisations, supported by narrative and workflow.

Wherever data is to be displayed, edited or communicated to users, the Workplace is where this is done.


What Else is New?

We have also added Story Page Templates which help you set up new pages for your Sabisu Workplaces. They guide you with best practice for different page types; what might be expected and the how Widgets should be placed on those pages.


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