Sabisu Workplace Updates

This week we’ve released a large update focused on improving & simplifying the Workplace in Sabisu.



Widgets have received several updates as part of the release, the main being the updated look and feel which really puts the focus on the data and gives the page a more organised feel for users. There are also a host of performance improvements which will mean a faster and more responsive workplace.


Over the coming weeks we’ll also be updating the Sabisu Wiki with some of the new functionality which Widget developers can utilise when building on Sabisu.

Tab Navigation & Actions


The new look Tab bar and Page actions are a key part of the new Workplace. We’ve reduced the number of icons and centralised a lot of key Tab & Page functions.

The Tab menu (previously accessed by a drop down on hovering on the Tab) is now available through the menu icon on the far right. This is context sensitive and will update depending on the type of page you’re currently using. Community Administrators can also access the page management functions through this icon.

Tab Quick-find was a very popular addition to the platform, especially for users with many Tabs. In this release it’s been overhauled to give greater functionality and improved navigation. Adding a new Tab is also accessed through the quick-find menu, reducing the likelihood of accidentally adding a new Tab.




The theme engine has been updated for the new Workplace. Premise customers now have a lot more flexibility with how the themes are setup and we’ve added support for Widget theming.

New Widget Component – Matrix

There is a new Widget component available in the Builder, allowing you to produce a matrix which can be used for things such as heatmaps or a risk assessment matrix.


As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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