Sabisu’s 2018 – hits, misses & changing the business

Every year we blog our commitments for the following year – transparent and in public.

Back at the end of 2017 we made commitments for 2018 based on our company vision and strategy. Did we hit them?

Of course we did. Kind of.

Product Development

Let’s start here because the company strategy defined two years ago has continued to gain traction, completely changing the business which in turn has driven evolution of the product.

Perhaps the product/market fit is never right but it feels good right now. Driven by the market, we prioritised:

Our market told us that mobile technology would be important soon, just not yet. We’ve worked out where to take it in 2019.

It might not be easy to see how this changed the business,  so let’s spell it out:

  1. Bespoke development has been killed off by self-service in the platform. Good services revenue has been cannibalised in favour of end-users owning their solutions.
  2. Almost overnight users just ran with it, building and sharing solutions. It’s almost like we were getting in the way before.

There were knock on effects, e.g., some staff turnover was related to these changes, some processes needed changing. We restructured and created a vision and strategy to reflect what we’d learned and allow us to scale.

We now have a fundamentally different company and value proposition. We’ve realised we can do so much more. It’s hard to overstate the impact.

Customer Implementation

This has impacted Customer Implementation…in that it now exists as a separate and specialist function. This was essential as we now handle many more customers, users and new projects than we ever could.

You need to build robust processes to make it work, day in, day out. We don’t just pick best practice off some sort of shelf somewhere. We have to bring it together to make it work for us. It’s hard but worth it.

We radically changed:

  • Improving analysis and engagement, which evolved into a valuable & repeatable Discovery phase
  • Supporting customers with business change, which evolved into embedding behavioural change into our Discovery and Delivery phases

With the all the graphs pointing upwards you’d think the User Groups would fly, right?


Sabisu User Groups were always very focused and transparent, equipping users to go back and implement something new. That’s just too risky for some customers.

For example; if you have a global scale megaproject just into Execute and you’ve moved critical processes into Sabisu Flow, it’s too early to share that and it’s impossible to share any real world examples. It’s too confidential.

There are plenty of running operations examples too. What seems to work better is a user group within a customer, where sites or projects may exchange best practice.

Continuous Operations

Last year this function didn’t exist but in our April restructuring we realised we needed specific accountability for ensuring users are supported and the platform operates optimally at all times were key activities.

We now understand that it’s literally pivotal; other functions pivot around customer support, allowing:

  • Customer Implementations to complete successfully, handing off to a function which ensures long term value delivery
  • New engagements with existing customers to initiate properly with full context of the customer environment & challenges
  • Product Development to take into account emerging market requirements
  • Current platform issues to be rapidly resolved

Customer Operations is now core and is functioning well, with next year focusing on

  • improving the processes
  • quantitative analysis,
  • support tools, including embedding enhanced support capability into products

Other areas

Last year we had R&D out there as a separate function. This year we moved it into Product Development, though the streams of work didn’t change:

  • Projects, particularly applying techniques which are unusual in this sector such as deep learning and modelling. This can be seen with the schedule network analysis and sentiment analysis now available in the platform.
  • Operations, with a focus on improved analysis and predicting asset behaviour
  • Pure Research, which continues to look at time-series prediction and text mining.

We look to do better next year in communicating the research and embedding it into core user activity flows within the platform.

Wrap up

Sabisu remains the world’s first and only digital workspace for industrial environments.

Sabisu remains the world’s only platform for self-service digitalization.

Our focus is delivering performance management for major capital projects and oil & gas operations.

You can find out more in our introductory white paper.

Thank you for your support in 2018. It’s been quite a year.

Next year…well, it might be time to re-read ‘Inside the Tornado‘.



We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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