Sabisu’s charity for 2012: Harry and Jock’s Appeal

Sabisu has always been about more than just building enterprise software; we believe organisations have responsibilities to the community in which they live.

Sabisu is now big enough to start turning that belief into action, so every year we’ll choose a charity and do our best to raise some funds for them.

We wanted to start with something local that would benefit children, so our charity¬†for 2012 is Harry and Jock’s Appeal:

Harry and Jock’s Appeal aims to provide equipment for the neonatal and maternity units, and to support the services and facilities provided for bereaved parents or parents of poorly babies and children at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.

We hope we can help in some small way both through corporate and personal fund-raising.

Obviously we’d like to start with a few marathons and triathlons…but unfortunately we’re a group of software guys with generally average fitness due to too much coffee and pie. So we’re starting gently with (almost) everyone running the Manchester 10k in May.

Let training commence!

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