Sabisu’s Unified Timeline

This week we’ve introduced some big changes to the main Workplace in Sabisu. We’re excited to introduce a new unified Timeline into the platform – front and centre, easy to use.

The unified timeline brings everything together for all your Communities into a single, permanently available tab. As Sabisu’s collaboration capabilities continue to expand, this is a key step to making it easy to see what’s going on in your Communities.

The new tab is available all the time on the Tab bar, sitting alongside your normal Tabs. It’s accessible all the time from any Workplace.


The unified Timeline is just like what you’ll be used to from the Community Timeline, the big difference being that it contains everything going on in all your Communities. Posting to Communities remains largely the same as it is now – the only minor difference being the need to choose which Community you want to post your update to.



The unified timeline is an important step in our continuing journey to provide you with everything you need to know to make your work days productive and your decisions as good as they can be.

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