Sabisu’s Updated VBar

As of October 2016 the vBar was deprecated, for more information click here

This week we’ve introduced a couple of big changes to the main Workplace in Sabisu, the first being the unified timeline and the second being some adjustments to the VBar to provide quicker access to core features like Notes & Actions.

We’ve reshuffled the VBar icons this week, re-organising them to improve visibility for the day-to-day items being used in Sabisu.

You’ll also see a new ‘+’ icon in the VBar which gives quick-access feature which will let you create a new Note or Action instantly or invite someone to one of your Communities.


Chat has also moved to the top of the VBar and received some visual improvements to your contacts and Community list.

If your one of our advanced users looking after Widgets or Publications you’ll now find the options at the bottom of the VBar. We’ve not changed how any of these behave – just where they are on the screen.

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