Sankey diagrams & UI updates (r18457)

Sankey Diagrams

We’ve added a new Widget component this week for the platform, the Sankey Diagram. With the increased work on energy management solutions for customers we think this will be a nice addition to the platform and we’re already seeing some great uses with the new widget.



We’ll be putting some more information out for developers over this week, but those familiar with building charts already it should be easy for you to get started.

Widget Store Enhancements

We’ve made some interface improvements this week for the Widget store, organising items in a clearer way and improving the usage details available for Widget builders in the platform.

The Widget Store is now indexed and broken out in alpha-numeric order making is easier to navigate and find new widgets.


Users can also now find more information about each Widget through the Show Details button in the Widget application.


Here you can see:

  • The date that the Widget was last updated.
  • How many pages the Widget is currently being used on.
  • How many Community pages this Widget is being used on.
  • The tags associated with the Widget (used for searches).

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance of the Widget sidebar.
  • Fixed some sizing issues with the printing the page from the platform.

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