Scheduled Actions r7807

As with all the best ideas, they seem to creep up on you when you least expect it. During a recent meeting with a customer the insight dawned on us that many people are recreating the same Actions time and time again. So this week we’re really excited to announce an all-new feature called Scheduled Actions.

The interface for creating Scheduled Actions is baked directly into the existing Actions interface making it instantly familiar.

You’d be forgiven for thinking, as our colleague did, that for all the hard work done by the product team, we’d simply added a check box to the interface. However when you click the ‘Schedule Action’ checkbox you’ll be presented with three simple, clean drop down fields that enable you to pick the start date, due date and repeat frequency.

You can now easily schedule an Action to appear on a future date and repeat either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. When creating a Scheduled Action the details you enter will be used each time the Action is re-scheduled. So in the example above, Ben will get a repeat Action every month on the 25th.

We can’t wait to see the creative ways people use Scheduled Actions. Why not take a screenshot and post it to the Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn.

Other Updates

  • Tables now display the filters active on the table, sorting is indicated by an icon in the header, when text filtering is applied the column header changes colour.
  • Nested objects are now supported when passing parameters to the API.
  • We’ve updated the drop down component to allow user specific values for items in a drop down being built using a text list.


  • Clicking “print” in a widget menu will now function correctly in Internet Explorer 8.

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