Self-service digitalization with Sabisu Flow

As the trend towards digitalization in oil & gas builds momentum our customers and competitors are realising something we’ve always known: they’re missing self-service.

Without self-service implementation costs soar as digitalization initiatives turn into expensive IT development programs.

Not with Sabisu.

Self-service has always been critical and we’ve taken another massive step forwards, introducing self-service process digitalization using our new capability, Flow.

Where competitors are quoting £50k to implement a workflow into the digital domain, Sabisu has productised workflow tools so end-users can  configure applications.

And it’s available to everyone under the usual Sabisu license.

Here’s how you do it.

Create a new page for the application to sit on, then go to Workplace menu\Create a Workflow.

The Flow wizard will take you through 5 simple steps:

Workflow Details

Give your Flow application a name and choose the title for the records you want users to create. You can also set security permissions for user access (using Sabisu Communities).

Form Configuration 

Build the Sabisu Capture form using the form building tool.

Table View

Configure the main table to show application records. You can choose the fields you want to pull through from the form to display in the columns.

Card View

Configure the columns for the Card View and the information you want to display on the card.

Finishing the application adds it to the Page you set up earlier. You can then set up the tree structure on the left hand side which allows you to manage the location of different forms, e.g., to demarcate different departments or projects.


Your application is ready. To create a new record select the tree-view location you wish it to appear under and then fill in the form information.


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