Sentiment Analysis for Narrative & Commentary

Last year our R&D team introduced Sentiment Analysis as part of Sabisu Notes through our Beta mode . This analytic analyses narrative, commentary and Notes to determine if they are positive, negative or neutral comments. This is useful in almost any environment, e.g., prioritising analysis of parts of a lengthy report, or highlighting project issues/risks.

As the analytic has been refined, it’s been extended from Sabisu Notes to all narrative capture.  Customers using specific widgets to capture narrative in addition to Sabisu Notes will see sentiment analysis included and reflected in comment escalation/promotion processes. You can now use the sentiment analysis to find any notes that may have negative connotations.

As Sentiment Analysis is still only available in Beta Mode should you notice a word or sentence has the wrong sentiment assigned please let us know so we can update the analytic. Email –

Here’s how you can join the Beta Group

  1. Go to Profile settings
  2. Click Platform Settings
  3. Click the green button indication you would like to join the Beta Group
  4. You can leave at any time by coming back to this screen and clicking leave


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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