Setting your theme

Sabisu is great partly because the Sabisu team is great, and partly because it stands on the shoulders of giants; web standards.

These web standards allow us to do some neat things, one of which is instantly changing the look and feel of the front end, on-demand. (Thanks to the CSS standards.)

We call this ‘theming’; when you join a Community, you automatically get the ‘theme’ associated with that Community. You could see it as a ‘welcome’ to the Community and in fact it does feel like that.

Of course, you may want to reset your theme – after all, it’s your workspace so ultimately you decide on how it’s set up.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go to your user-name, top right, and click on it.

2. Click on ‘Profile Settings’.

3. Click on ‘Platform’.

4. Select your theme.

You’ll see all the themes for all your Communities. Most Communities don’t have their own themes, so your list might be quite short. All users have access to the default Sabisu themes.

5. Click on ‘Save’.

The theme will change immediately in the background, as in this screen:

All you have to do is close the dialog.

Hope that helps – as always, comments welcome!

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