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You can now embed Sabisu Widgets into any web page.

This makes it easy to embed Sabisu into intranet pages, blogs, SharePoint, digital signage…anywhere that takes HTML.

The embedded widget will update with data as if it was in the Sabisu platform. Any user that needs to analyse the data or see it in contact can simply click the Sabisu logo to be taken into the platform proper.

To start embedding your Sabisu Widgets simply navigate to the widget tab menu and hit “Get Shareable Link”

shareable link

We have embedded a Sabisu widget into the blog post below. If you login to your Sabisu account you’ll see the data.

We’ve set Widgets free but they’re still super-secure; only users with appropriate access can see them. If you have a Sabisu account and you’re logged in to Sabisu, the Widget will automatically load, however if you don’t have an account or you’re not logged in you will be asked to sign in.

If you don’t have a Sabisu account….get in touch!


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