Sharing Sabisu with MS PowerPoint, SharePoint & intranets

It’s always worthwhile reviewing useful functionality so you know your options.

A lot of our users are still copying/pasting Sabisu screengrabs into other applications, creating a lot of work for themselves when the platform can do it for you.

Here we’ll look at MS PowerPoint and other platforms like SharePoint which can take HTML.

Sharing Sabisu reports with MS PowerPoint

Sabisu Go has a further installable module which allows users to select a report from Sabisu for inclusion into PowerPoint presentations.

This was implemented in response to the end-user practice of copying and pasting screen images from Sabisu into PowerPoint every time the data is updated which is manual and time-consuming.

Once inserted into the presentation the report can be resized and reworked as required just like an image – except that all the images in the presentation can be updated simply by pressing a single button.

Sharing Sabisu reports with MS SharePoint & other applications

While it will always be preferable to share Sabisu reports in the platform itself for security and performance reasons, Sabisu reports and analytics can be placed anywhere with the following options:

  • Direct Link gives users a link which brings them back into Sabisu directly to the widget linked (authentication is required)
  • Embed Code gives HTML which can be copied and pasted into any compatible platform to show the live, real-time widget with the latest data, e.g., MS SharePoint. (authentication is required)
  • Image Link provides a link which can be used anywhere to show a snapshot of the widget at the time the link was created. It’s equivalent to taking a screenshot (hence no authentication is required) and is useful if sharing with users who do not have access to Sabisu.

We have embedded a Sabisu widget into the blog post below. If you login to your Sabisu account you’ll see the data.


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